Preschool for the Arts at St. Annes

About PASA

PASA Mural Preschool for the Arts at St. Anne's is a ministry of St. Anne's Parish. The school's purpose is to provide students of diverse backgrounds from Anne Arundel County and its environs with an atmosphere of academic excellence in a nurturing Christian environment. The school is committed to empowering students by encouraging them to learn in an environment that supports their ability to ask questions and learn to make their own choices. The arts enrichment programs and the Godly Play religious education program enhance the core academic curriculum and support the school's efforts to achieve the social, physical, creative and spiritual development of each child.

The Preschool for the Arts at St. Anne's (PASA) offers every child who walks through its doors the opportunity to begin his or her educational journey in a warm, nurturing and fun-filled environment.

PASA was established in 1997 in direct affiliation with St. Anne's Episcopal Parish. We are located in downtown Annapolis, just off Church Circle. Our affiliation with St. Anne's as well as our proximity to the wonders of Annapolis, offer our students amazing opportunities to grow and learn.

We offer children between the ages of two and five the Annapolis area's most colorful, musical, and creative preschool curriculum. We strive to provide our students with experiences you would never want to try in your home. "Painting" with shaving cream, digging for dinosaur bones -- indoors, and constructing a replica of Mt. Rushmore (aptly named Mt. PASA), are just a few examples of our endeavors during a typical school year. To complement the weekly thematic units around which our nine-month school year is built, all of our students receive separate instruction in art, music, drama and through the school's relationship with St. Anne's Godly Play.