Preschool for the Arts at St. Annes


Godly Play Board Chapel, or "Godly Play" is teaching the art of using the language of the Christian people—parable, sacred story, liturgical action, and silence—to make meaning in our daily lives. This helps to create the relationship with God, and allows us to come close to the presence of God. Our goal is not to teach the stories for the purpose of recall or memorization, but rather to teach how to make meaning with the story in service to our relationship to God. Children do not merely listen. The objects in a Godly Play classroom surround everyone there with religious language, with the stories and symbols of faith. These sacred objects made of wood, fabric, and wicker invite children to touch, feel, and enter into the stories. Moreover, having beautiful things designed for them makes it clear to the children in a tangible way that their religious education is important. We welcome families of all faiths to our PASA community.